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The autumn listing

There are unique factors to consider when listing your home in any season; one of these factors is staging a home with seasonal décor accents. Experts believe the right amount of fall décor can be advantageous to a listing, as long as the point is to make the home feel cozy and inviting.

To make sure that your décor highlights the best selling-points of your home, don’t use accents that distract attention from those areas; instead, use it to create a feeling of warmth and seasonal cheer.

  • As the days get shorter, you’ll want to open curtains and blinds and let in as much natural light as possible.

  • Use a generous number of plush pillows and textured throw blankets (think wool, fur, cable-knit) to accent seating areas.

  • Make your fireplace a focal point with tasteful seasonal décor: autumn floral, a beautiful basket, candles, etc.

  • Scents matter to potential buyers, so use this season to your advantage and conjure pleasing autumn memories with hints of cinnamon, cider, and freshly baked treats.

  • For outdoor appeal, touch up landscaping by removing any dead plants, raking leaves, and doing your best to keep the lawn watered and edged properly. Don’t over-do the décor, but use a harvest-themed wreath, potted mums, and a few well-placed pumpkins to enhance the autumn feel.

Remember, your goal is to keep the focus on your beautiful home, not the décor, so keep it simple and accentuate the spaces you want buyers to fall in love with. Aim for cozy, not cluttered, and let buyers fall in love with the idea of spending autumn in the home.

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