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Easy Breezy Spring Cleaning

We all get spring fever and the last thing we want to do is stay trapped inside cleaning! So starting now, I go room to room for 20 minutes, pick an area and clean it out. One day it’s the kids bathroom drawers another, the medicine cabinet. Not to overwhelm myself with too much.... you can even start with a room, for example, the master bedroom and break it up over a few days. Closet one day a drawers the next! Before you know it spring is here and you are all organized so you can get outside and enjoy the weather! Once it’s all organized then it will be easy to keep up all spring and summer and when fall rolls around again I do it again! Room by room, area by area, break it down... write it down and check off if that helps! And then do your regular cleaning in between! You have time so let’s start now!! You got this! 

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