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Declutter To Sell

First, let's define clutter: clutter is any item in your home that does not have a specific assigned place or is currently out of place in your home. A cluttered house won't photograph as well as an organized, clean surface space, and good photos bring in buyers. When buyers are shopping for a new home, they are looking for a space to move their lives into, so you need to show them SPACE.

Decluttering will also help you separate emotionally from your home and help you prepare for your move. As you work though the home, focus on what buyers will find important. When you declutter, you are allowing a buyer to see the space and imagine themselves in it.

In addition to removing clutter, you need to focus on four key areas:

1. Rooms that are being used for incorrect purposes - if a bedroom is being used as a TV room, that's an incorrect purpose and you should transition it back to a bedroom.

2. Items that are too large or small for a room, making the dimensions seem skewed.

3. Too many personal items that will distract buyers.

4. The overall feeling that there is too much "stuff" in the house.

What do you do with the items you still want to keep? You need to remove them from the home. Consider renting a storage unit, using a moving company's storage pod services, or asking for space in a family/friend's garage or basement for a short time.

Finally, ask your agent to take photos of your home AFTER you have made these changes. This way, your marketing photos will look their very best and you will attract more potential buyers.

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