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DIY Interior Home Repairs to Complete BEFORE Putting Your House on the Market

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Want top dollar for your home? Complete these fixes before listing!

Patch holes and cracks - small holes and cracks can be patched with drywall compound and a putty knife, even larger cracks may be something you can tackle on your own. However, if it is a bigger repair, one that could turn a potential homebuyer off, hire a professional.

Repair or update appliances – since larger appliances are typically sold with the home, old or damaged appliances will put off buyers. Clean up your appliances and make sure they are in good working order when you put your house on the market. If that is not possible, you may need to replace them. Although large appliances can be expensive, they are much more appealing to buyers and something your real estate agent can highlight.

HVAC maintenance – before putting your home on the market, have an HVAC professional inspect your unit, clean the ducts, and make sure everything is in good working order. Change your air filter and make sure the area is clean. Home inspectors spend quality time making sure the HVAC systems are working properly.

Door handle replacement – most of the time door handles go unnoticed, but not when selling your home. Potential buyers do notice doors that don’t open properly, handles that are of poor quality, or those that don’t match throughout the house, and this makes a negative impression. Upgrading bathrooms and bedrooms with locking door handles, and installing heavy-duty door handles on the front and back doors can make a positive impact on potential buyers, as does ensuring that your interior door knobs all match.

Electric outlet faceplates – old faceplates can become chipped, cracked, and discolored. This inexpensive update can be completed by anyone with a screwdriver and makes a significant aesthetic impact on a buyer.

Smoke alarms - it is mandatory to have working smoke alarms on every floor of your home. A home inspector will verify the placement of the smoke alarms, their age, and whether each alarm works; before putting the home on the market, replace missing, damaged, or outdated smoke alarms.

Water damage – walls, ceilings, or cabinets that show water damage are a red flag to buyers. Find the source of the water damage, repair it, and carefully clean up any small mold patches or hire a professional to clean any larger areas.

*Adapted from Bob Vila: "Putting your home on the market? Make these 10 fixes first"

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