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Front Porch FLip

The front porch area is the first impression people get when arriving or passing by your house. When you meet someone you want them to see the best of you right? Your porch is the same thing! They don’t know what inside your house looks like but they can only imagine and get excited when they see a lively front porch. Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and thought that house looks warm and cozy and then wish you could go inside? That’s what you should want for your own house. This too is seasonal so for spring you need to get rid of the wreathes and winter leftovers. Start with a quick sweep and power wash. And a fun spring wreath and a fresh mat! Bright flower pots flowing over with flowers is a must. A cute bench or small table and chairs is so warm depending on the size of your entryway. I have a door hanger that I fill with different seasonal decor and re use every year!  In the fall/winter it’s full of pine branches and pine cones with gold branches and in spring with whimsical flowers! You can get them all fake to re use each season at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Let’s flip your porch in 20 minutes!

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